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Simple methods with profound results for women and men!


Solutions for Problems

Are you struggling with;

Period or Digestive issues? | Cellulite not shifting?

Cesarean section aftermath?

Pelvic pain and or Low Back Pain?

Constipation or Diarrhea? | Emotionally Blocked?

Cold Hands and Feet? | Bloating or Water Retention?

Feeling Heavy, Sluggish and Tired?

PCOS or Fertility issues?

Urinary problems?


Would you like to learn my simple methods to restore whole body circulation?

All you need is your own two hands!

Learn my clinical secrets in this simple instructional video.

A combination of techniques passed down from female masters of Traditional Chinese medicine to efficiently move blocked fluids.


I use this method on literally every client who visits my clinic!

Why? Because it works for any condition.

This method has restored sensation to the feet of people

who could not feel their feet;

resolved blood clots in the eyes; restored water circulation to arms, legs, hands,

feet and internal organs; resolved chronic back pain and so much more.


By moving the blocked Lymph out of the way, the body can literally breathe again!


Our bodies are truly amazing systems.

They are designed to heal themselves (otherwise known as sleeping), as long as we do not throw a spanner in the works!

The skeleton holds us up, the muscles help us move, the vessels carry blood and oxygen, the nerves carry information as electrical signals.

But what does the Lymphatic System do?

It cleans the body!

The Lymph is the body's Detox System.


You can liken the Lymphatic System to the drainpipes on your house.

If the drains are blocked up with sticks and leaves, or have silt deposits,

how can the drain efficiently move the waste water out through the pipes?

It can’t.

The dirty water sits in the pipe and can block up the water flow for the entire house if left unattended.


There is no point Detoxing your inner organs until your Lymphatic System is moving!


You can do all the Detoxing in the world, but if the pipes are blocked, you will not be able to move the toxins out of your body. You will reabsorb them and create an endless cycle of slow progress.


Let’s practice common sense!

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Be Your Own Doctor
$39 USD

A comprehensive One Hour DIY instructional video including;


1. Opening the meridians with simple Qigong movements

2. What is the Lymphatic System?

How does it Detox you?

3. Locating and opening meridians with acupressure

4. Abdominal and chest massage method to release Ligaments +

Move Lymph!


Video plus
Bio Feedback session
$69 USD

Are you spending money on supplements that you are potentially not absorbing?


Are the supplements even legitimate?


BioFeedback frequencies

can assist you with;

Safe Supplementation

Heavy Metal Detox

Cellular + DNA Repair

Pain + Inflammation

Parasite Detox

Mold Detox

and so much more!


Check THE LAB for more details on the wonders of BioFeedback!


Video plus
One on One session
$127 USD

A one hour session with me in my clinic or on line.

You may have some deeper issues to resolve.

I will help you get to the root cause using traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis with BioFeedback analysis to help you find a Solution for your Problem!

Plus one week of BioFeedback frequencies tailored to your needs based on your unique Voice pattern.