Your body is alive and ever changing.



When you know how you work,

you become your own healer consciously.

I have dissolved a thyroid lump in my body by talking to my body for only 10 minutes, instructing my cells exactly what to do and they did it.

I have helped clients get accustomed to being in control of their own vessel. Seeking within themselves via the sensorial awareness the problem area, then unpack the stored information.


The outcomes are always unexpected, creative and have very real results.




Bring the Imagination realm into your physical body

Create material from immaterial.

Dissolve material into non matter.



The Bio Feedback tech is an aid to help us remember ourselves.

The true tech is the human being!


360 USD

(one month)

Two hour consultation

(120 USD per hour)

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) diagnostics

Bio Feedback energy clearing live remote session

A longer session for us to work together.

A guided journey through your own body using your Point of Attention and body sensations to unwind yourself from the inside.

4 weeks of personalised frequencies

(frequencies updated weekly through the QC App)

*Bonus Set of frequencies

(4 weeks)

Quanta Capsule App -  free gift (worth 65 USD)

(we use this APP to send and receive data to each other)

TCM Report

Diet and Lifestyle advice

Journal of Self

A weekly Journal of Self Observation for you to participate in your Self Healing journey!


Access to thousands of frequencies!