One Hour Session

So many people are having amazing

changes using this technology.

Try it for yourself!

Are you curious to see what Bio Feedback healing is all about?

Curious to see if it works?

Initiate Yourself with Yourself. Test run the experience as an experiment.

Magic technology is real and it’s here.

To become an Initiate (n.)

is to be ’instructed in mysteries or sacred knowledge.’


TO INITIATE something is to find the ‘beginning, an entrance.’

– Initium (v.)

We are beginning to remember again what the ancients knew about and left clues for us to discover.

“Any sufficiently advanced technology

is indistinguishable from magic.”

Arthur C Clarke

Its an exciting time to be alive.


120 USD

​One hour video or phone consultation

This initial groundwork helps me build a traditional Chinese medicine diagnostic for you

1 week of personalized frequencies

Sent to you as an MP3 or via the

Quanta Capsule APP

Access to thousands of frequencies!