Electro Hyper Sensitivity

Updated: Dec 24, 2021

Are you experiencing physical, mental or emotional issues with no explainable cause?

You may be EMF Sensitive.

What is Electro Hyper Sensitivity?

It is easiest to describe as similar to an allergy.

Why is this important to me?

Everyone is affected.

No one can see it.

Not many people can feel it, but I can.

It is not just WIFI signals

Since the introduction of radio wave broadcasts, a relationship has been historically noted between human health decline and radio signal exposure.

George Lakofsky noticed in the early 1900s that the natural flight path of birds was disrupted each time the radio station made a broadcast.

They essentially lost their ability to navigate.

What were my symptoms personally?

My Story


The third cell phone I ever owned was a Sony. The phones I had owned before that were not WIFI capable. They only did calls, SMS and MMS.

I began to notice that when I switched the phone on to data roaming, I would get a sensation of heat and muscle pain in my hand that was holding the phone. I would also start to become angry. I made the correlation that these sensations only occurred on data roaming, so I avoided using that function.

Normal WIFI was not noticeably affecting me at this point.


In 2013 I was in my final year of five years of full time study.

For 4.5 years I was a pro at writing essays and general student ability. I was even mentoring other students who were having issues with the research paper assignments.

In the month of June I began to find everything difficult.

It seemed like overnight I developed cognition issues.

I thought I needed glasses again as I wore them as a child, but we only discovered a slight stigmatism at the optometrist.

Looking back now, I realise it was most likely the WIFI exposure

I went from a lifestyle as a fashion designer doing 90% practical and 10% computer work to a full time student of Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine writing essays and upping my WIFI useage to at least 50% and spending more time in general around computers and cell phones.

Add in heavy metal exposure from amalgam fillings and spray on deodorants in my youth plus a head injury less than 6 months earlier and one has a perfect recipe for cognitive decline.

I had no idea what was happening.

I just thought I was becoming stupid or maybe tired.

It was frustrating.

After my degree was complete, I traveled around the world for 10 months.

I barely used WIFI, so my symptoms lessened.


By 2019 my sensitivities had returned as I was in clinic and using the computer a lot.

I was in the habit of turning off my phone and laptop when not in use.

One night a friend stayed over.

I woke up the next morning feeling like all of the moisture in my brain had been sucked out (myelin sheath damage).

I discovered that he had slept with his cell phone under his pillow next to me with the WIFI running all night.

I also encountered huge emotional shifts after talking to a certain person on Skype.

Each time I spoke with them, for the next two days it was as if my tolerance for other people had been removed.

A feeling of something blaring at my head, like heat but not, but still having the sensation of my cells being cooked. Also pressure, tingling, gripping in my head and feeling like my brain was dying.

In a certain area of my local town, there a number of cell phone towers condensed all together.

On two occasions I have stayed at a friends house in this area.

I could not sleep at all. Not one wink.

Lying in bed trying to sleep was like lying in a field of electricity.

One of my clients lives in this area and has chronic sleeping issues. I let him use one of my WIFI protection devices for a few days and he was able to sleep! When he gave it back to me, his sleeping trouble began again.


In June of 2021 I moved to a new house with a friend. My former house was in the country side. It had one WIFI router on the edge of the property and I had a lot of tree cover and nature surrounds.

The new house was closer to town, had far less trees and nature in general.